Bronze birds.

A few photos from the studio of the birds as I clean them up. The hard work has been done for me- they have been cut and cleaned, so just a bit of filing, polishing and decide on the patina. To keep them bronze coloured and shiny involves a lot of polishing and a wax coat to seal them. They will always slowly darken over time but I quite like seeing things age.

In wax.


Bronze before cleaning and cutting. 
(I quite like this bird tree.)

After cleaning with a wire brush.



Molten bronze is fun.

Molten bronze is fun and also quite hot, therefore dangerous. That just makes it more fun. When it has cooled back to a solid you get to smash off the ceramic shell with a hammer, even more fun. It was an exciting day.

Detailed photos of the sculpting and casting process on Simon Stringer's website - Holte School Project.

Photos of the bronze birds to follow.



Above is the original painting in oil and acrylic, slightly damaged as it was badly stored. I've started another from the same photograph using only acrylic.
Oils are much more suited to the soft colour blends in the photograph, but I am enjoying the challenge and I really love this photograph.