A present for Matt.

I don't know what it is about painting people in costumes that I really enjoy. Loved doing this small painting, as challenging and portraits are. I think Matt loved it which is the main thing. Acrylic, varnish and silver and gold leaf on canvas, 2011.


Still life.

Old drawings from A-level and college. A reminder that I need to put aside some time to concentrate on some still life studies every now and then. And I do not spend enough time using pencil.


Other nightmares.

At the beginning of the year I submitted my nightmare themed sketchbook to The Sketchbook Project. 
They have just started to digitise the library, it's amazing to have them all to browse through. Here are some of my favourite nightmare themed pages.

From a book by Natalie Elwin

Pages from a sketchbook by Sayaka Isowa 

Pages from sketchbook by Davey K

Justin Kaiser and Sara Gross (Twobitart) have made books so awesome I can't select just a few pages to show here. Click the links and check them out.