Nightmare Sketchbook.

Starting off my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project a little late as it has to be posted by January 15th. I thought it would be interesting as I hardly ever use sketchbooks any more.


My submission to the twitter art exhibit, organised by David Sandum. All profits go towards books for children in Moss, Norway.



Experiments in CMY (no K) drawing.

A Bird In The Hand. Layers of paper with emulsion, ink, pencil.


Skeletal Rabbit.

John and Ellie

The many (and somewhat indecisive) stages of a painting for a friend.

Photo from... http://www.flickr.com/photos/squeakythepin/3645211068/in/set-72157622379303097/


More grey?

Nope. No grey.

Er, I meant all grey?

I foolishly put it in the post it before taking a final photo.


The Queen Elizabeth Coronation Book.

I love that some little punk went and felt tipped the eyebrows blue in almost the entire book. If I knew who it was I would credit them.


Recent-ish unfinished (ongoing) drawings. Portrait of a friend and two headed cat.